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Holistic Care


We educate the family in coping skills, stress management, neuro-linguistic programming (audio therapy), color light therapy, and natural food diets.


Parents and siblings will be taught how to maintain these concepts as we progress into the programs, which will be held Thursdays to Sundays at the Peace Valley Holistic Center.



Some of our offerings:



Color Light Therapy


When our physical, mental, or emotional health is out of balance, exposure to specific colors and the duration of the exposure, can help restore balance, strengthen the immune system, and allow the natural healing process to occur.


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Sound Therapy


Sound Therapy is a new alternative therapy which is researching the effects of low frequency sound and vibration on human health and wellness.


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QiGong Massage


QiGong is the ancient Chinese practice of working directly with the body’s vital energy to promote and maintain good health.


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Through reflexology you can eliminate the causes and symptoms of sickness and pain from your body.


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Vitamin Therapy


Vitamin Therapy is a nutritional foundation for wellness and longevity.


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Natural Food Diet


Low tolerance or allergies to certain foods, or chemicals may contribute to behavioral issues. Many parents and professionals have reported significant changes when specific substances are eliminated from the child’s diet.


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