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What is Sound Therapy?


Sound Therapy is a new alternative therapy which is researching the effects of low frequency sound and vibration on human health and wellness. We know the power of sound and music, and that the voice changes with varying emotional states, or illness. Our health or mood can be strongly affected by music, toning, chanting, and singing.


Our computer program takes the person’s voice print, which is unique, like a person’s finger print. This is done simply by the person speaking in a sound proof area. The voice print is evaluated by our professional Sound Therapist for imbalances in energy.


After careful study of the voice print, a “sound tape” is made consisting of the energy needed to provide a whole frequency, and this is sent home with the person. The brain will entrain the new Sound Spectrum quickly, and then a new sound tape is made, until the unwanted sensitivity is altered. Normally, this improvement will take ten treatments.


Classes and instruction will be given to the parents/care givers for maintenance.


Is your child sound sensitive?


Many children with autism, learning disabilities, speech or communication difficulties, or temper tantrums are sensitive to some sounds.


Autistic children may cover their ears or become anxious or withdrawn in noisy places; some cannot tolerate a baby’s cry, or people laughing.


This sensitivity can cause a child to try to disregard the noise, and can make them appear to be deaf, when in fact their hearing is very good.


The world is a busy place. It’s noisy and confusing, and prevents some autistic children from responding to you. Autistic children can be disturbed by sounds that most people do not notice. They may be afraid, and sometimes temper tantrums are the only way they can express their distress.


Additionally, children with learning disabilities, ADHD, and behavior difficulties are also frequently sound sensitive, although their reactions may be different than children with Autisim. The hearing imbalance can cause them to be bad tempered, defiant, anxious, or withdrawn.


How can Sound Therapy help?


We have a unique method of reducing sound sensitivity. So that in most cases, noisy surroundings will no longer compel your special needs child to withdraw from the world.


Your child can begin to respond to you more easily, improve their communication skills, and take interest in the world around them. In cases where your child is not speaking, this alternative treatment is recommended.


The reduction in sound sensitivity is also effective in promoting better concentration, and better behaviour. It can help your child become more relaxed and adaptable, more co-operative and less hyperactive. It can also improve learning ability & confidence.


There will be a demonstration before the treatment is given.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact:
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