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Welcome to Peace Valley
Holistic Center


We are an integrative center combining traditional and holistic therapies, as well as education for parents and children with special needs, with an emphasis on Autism.


Previously known as the Golden Wellness Center since 1996, a need for specialization grew out of compassion for those in need of extra help and therapies that were exhausting the traditional methods offered in mainstream facilities.


To educate parents concerning holistic therapies, that enable children and youths to progress successfully 46% to 91%, in their ability to cope, comprehend, and transition… to become successful in school, with their family, and in their community, with respect, dignity, and inclusion.


Our Approach


Our approach is three fold; we address the needs of the entire family.


First Prong: We educate the family in coping skills, stress management, neuro-linguistic programming (audio therapy), color light therapy, and natural food counseling.


Parents and siblings will be taught how to maintain thee concepts as we progress into the programs, which will be held Thursdays to Sundays at the Peace Valley Holistic Center.


Second Prong: The Complementary Care for the families and friends of children with special needs include: therapeutic massage, stress management, relaxation methodology, sound therapy, and QiGong (needless acupuncture).


Third Prong: We will have ongoing programs, seminars, and individual counseling sessions concerning your child’s legal rights for an appropriate education in their school district. These will be provided by our Education Law Attorney, on a monthly basis.


We welcome you to ask questions, and view our facility, by appointment.

Please contact us at 215-887-9901, by fax 215-675-5836, or email.


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