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Our Foundation


With over 40 years of experience as a naturopathic physician/instructor/researcher, Dr. Davis has seen the number of autistic children dramatically increase in her practice. Dr. Davis has witnessed the effects of hopelessness and stress on parents, caregivers, and siblings. She saw how Holistic therapies, programs, and therapeutic technologies renewed the hope in these families, because of the success and progress that was made. Simultaneously, while helping challenged children, Dr. Davis has aided the whole family by providing complementary care to relieve stress and rejuvenate parents, siblings, friends, and caregivers. This success was the inspiration for the idea of creating the Peace Valley Holistic Center.


Dr. Davis’ research into alternative medicine began in the 1970s, which led to SOGRA Inc., a charitable organization, in 1985. Golden Wellness Center opened in 1996 until September 30, 2009. Extensive studies in Light, Sound, Color, and Kirlian photography were part of the research, presentation of papers, and curriculum involved.


Our Mission and Philosophy


Our mission is to ease the suffering of children/youths and families who live with autism and other disabling conditions, and to improve their quality of life. The Center helps special needs children improve 46% to 91+% in their abilities to cope, comprehend, communicate and transition into mainstream society. Our programs foster their independence to help them become well-adjusted young adults living productive lives of inclusion in their communities. We also provide a holistic approach to advocacy, and build a bridge with schools instead of an adversarial relationship so that children receive their services more quickly. We place a special emphasis on helping the whole family-parents/ care givers, and siblings and alleviate stress, develop coping skills, and empower the family.


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