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Why we feel our unique services would benefit you, and your child:


After more than three decades of research and education in color light application, and over a decade in sound therapy, we have found that all of the children who have received these non-invasive modalities have been helped tremendously. The greatest improvement rate was 91%. This is seen in those who begin treatment early, and over a consistent period of in or about six months. The intermediate improvement rate is 46%, which is when the treatment is not as consistent, and the lowest improvement rate is 28%. This is in those who received therapy short term, sporadically.


What type of improvement can you expect: Improvement in behavior modification, direction and focus, tactile and sensory functions, speech, repetitive communication, anxiety, socialization in and out of the classroom, acceptance and sharing.


Human life is incumbent and imperatively dependant upon those who can help us sustain it productively. Our staff at the Peace Valley Holistic Center is trained to assist you in improving the quality of your life, in these trying times for those families living with Autism.


We are dedicated in helping you avoid invasive drug research until all of the natural research of our team is exhausted. This is an important distinction in a world where our comfort zone has been in asking for the “magic pill”, which doesn’t exist.


Children that have special needs should not be exploited. There are natural methods to help them that are scientifically proven, and are used in other countries world wide.


We look forward to serving you with your own unique needs, understanding that every family is different, as is every child.


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