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Meet Our Staff



Dr. Christina Davis, Ph.D., MSS, LCht.

President, Founder of the Peace Valley Holistic Center, New Britain, PA


Dr. Davis, focuses on helping adults and children with special needs achieve maximum, lasting wellness by giving them the tools to heal their bodies and spirits. She uses many modalities, utilizing over 45 years of research and study in the field of traditional Vitamin Therapy, natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, natural nutrition (w/o pesticides), Color and Light Therapy, Neuro-linguistic-programming, Music Therapy, Shiatsu Collage (c), and SEF, (Scientific Efficacy of Prayer(c)), QiGong Massage, (a needless form of acupuncture), any or the entire above are incorporated on a case by case basis.


Dr. Davis has a rich background in vitamin and herbal therapy dating back to her own youth when she could not digest food properly, until her father started to research her allergies to foods, and began a regiment of these therapies.


Although she graduated from Philadelphia Business College, while an executive for Tel Ra Productions, she continued her studies in the holistic field, defying the odds that these studies may never be accepted traditionally in 1965.


She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the School of Ethical Hypnotherapy, Naples, Fla., Holds a doctorate in Natural Medicine, from the International School of Holistic Practices, Virginia Beach, Va., doctorate in World Shamanistic Practice, Christ Light Institute, Theological and Ministerial degree, Christ Light Church, Fairfax, W. VA. She has taught for these schools until starting her own practice in 1985.


After years of research on the affects of QiGong, color healing, light therapy and mental health, she began teaching her protocol to the Medical community, at Jefferson Hospital, Temple University, Holy Redeemer Hospital, Gwynedd Mercy, Arcadia University, various clinics in the tri-state area, and is accredited by the University of Penna.


Today Dr. Davis remains focused on her research and therapies in her on-going work to defeat autism, helping all children with special needs, and their families.



  • In 2000 she was awarded Woman of the Year in the Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Doc’s Issue.
  • Woman of the Year by Glenside Chamber of Commerce for beginning Doctor’s With a Heart Day, Journey to Total Wellness Event in 2000, encompassing all of the Bux/Mont hospitals and medical community, resulting in a series of radio and TV appearances acknowledging her work; resulting in her receiving numerous citations by Senators and Congressmen.
  • Phila. B 101 Women’s File, featured a 6 part series . . . Journey to Total Wellness.
  • CNN and CN8 featured SAD’S defeated by Color Light Healing, and Natural Remedies.
  • In 2005 Gov. Rendell and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Business Association, honored Dr. Davis with the coveted PA 50 Best Women in Business award. The recognition continues in the medical community as her protocol is now taught by the professional students she has taught over the last twenty-five years; numbering in the thousands.


Donnamarie Davis, Esquire

Vice President, Co-Founder of the Peace Valley Holistic Center, New Britain, PA
Law Offices of DM. Davis, PC Warminster, PA


Ms. Davis is a Federal Litigator who specializes in Special Education Law, Employment Discrimination, and Children’s Civil Rights. She represents the Plaintiff in the administrative law process, and in Federal Court. Ms. Davis is a Lecturer in Special Education and Employment Discrimination matters, and has served as Faculty for the PA Bar Association's Exceptional Children’s Conference. She served as an Adjunct Professor for Manor College, and holds a Mediator Certification.


Prior to this, Ms. Davis was an Associate at the Law firm of Frost & Zeff in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the Domestic Abuse Project in Media, Pennsylvania. Ms. Davis has served as a legal expert in Domestic Violence for the Montel Williams Show, and is responsible for the first parent kidnapping charge/case in Pennsylvania's history.


Ms. Davis is also engaged in Public Service work, and served on the Horsham Land Reuse Authority Executive Board, to determine the reuse of the Willow Grove Naval Base Property, and was formerly on the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors. Ms. Davis received her B.F.A. degree from the University of the Arts, and her J.D. from Widener University School of Law.



Denise L. Mansell, BS - Bachelor of Science  

Certified Nutritionist


Having studied under Dr. Davis for many years and a degree for nutrition and theology at University of Immaculata. I’ve learned to use my talents of Nutrition therapy, Vitamin and Herbal therapy and/or Spiritual awareness for anyone who is in need for guidance and help to improve or change their life for the better.


If we are to become whole beings we need to balance and heal the mind, body, and spirit. Both the energy of food, thought, and medicine must be of such quality and integrity that it reinforces the vital force of our true selves for healing.


Ms. Mansell provides individual counseling for specific problems, conducts workshops, and teaches classes for nutritional balance and spiritual harmony. She feels a passion for the field of nutrition stemming from her own personal experiences and education with numerous health issues. She has taught others how to balance their life with nutrition and spiritual guidance. She believes in and practices the Golden Well-ness Center‚s credo of treating the whole person and not just the body. All at the center work as a team, thus helping the individual have and maintain a healthy quality of life.



Connie Drummond, AS in Science

Certified Hospice Specialis, Grief Recovery Specialist, Sound Therapist


Connie holds an Associate of Science degree from the California College of Health Sciences. She is certified in Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy, is a neurodiagnostic technician and has taken Reiki I and II. She has worked in the neurological field for over thirty years and has experience handling diverse neurological conditions such as ADHD, Autism, OCD, Seizures, Strokes, Alzheimer, and more.


Connie has always had an interest in holistic modalities and has seen and experienced personally how they can compliment traditional medicine in helping a person detox, balance and heal.


Connie is currently involved with Sound Therapy and how it can help a child or adult with autism. Sound Therapy is a unique form of healing modality that incorporates a computer program to generate a voice print of an individual, showing vibrationally what in that individual is out of sync. By utilizing a small tone box, headphones and a program generated through the computer database, Connie is able to isolate the frequencies a particular individual needs in order to help them achieve rebalance, or to detox them of toxins that may be harmful. It is well known that some persons with autism have high levels of mercury in their system or are sensitive to gluten and casein. Sound Therapy can help detox the system without any harmful side effects and then rebalance the system according to what that person needs.


Connie states her mission as one to help individuals rebalance and heal and experience optimum health on all levels and achieve a positive permanent change in that individual’s life.



Andrea Bowman


Andrea Bowman is a certified elementary school teacher who received her degree in 1991. She has been teaching since 1991 in an inclusion classroom, while working with children with various disabilities, and varying degrees of need.


She is certified in a non-invasive form of acupuncture called Qi-Gong. This form of healing helps circulate energy through channels called meridians throughout the body.  This energy or Qi targets weakened areas to promote the healing of mind, body, and spirit.


Ms. Bowman is well aware of the issues and pressures that face families who have a child with a disability. Her daughter has multiple disabilities, with sensory issues. The stress can be enormous and take a toll on the family. Ms. Bowman believes that Qi-Gong can promote total wellness on all aspects of healing, on all levels of the body, as well as bring peace and well being to the family.



Charles Alu

Sound Technician, Administrative Assistant



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