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Holistic Care


What is QiGong Massage?


Qi, pronounced “Chee,” means energy/life force, and Gong, means work. QiGong is the ancient Chinese practice of working directly with the body’s vital energy, to promote and maintain good health. So, QiGong is therefore the practice of “working with one’s life force.”


In both exercise and massage with our Qi sound massager, Qi, is circulated and balanced throughout the body, thereby allowing vital energy to flow evenly, blood circulation increases, and bodily functions perform properly.


Our state-of-the-art equipment acts like acupuncture without needles. It stimulates the meridians, vibrates nerves and muscles, gently coaxing them into toning and energizing them back into balance.


In turn, the whole body is rebalanced into a healthy state. Our practitioners are trained, certified, and serve a two year practicum.


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