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What is Color Light Therapy?


Sunlight is “full spectrum” light. Though we see sunlight as white or sometimes golden, it’s really composed of a range of colors combined together. A Rainbow displays this full spectrum of colors which actually make up the Sun’s white light. These colors consist of Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. These colors are specific “frequencies” of light, and each affects our physical, mental, and emotional health, in different ways.


Light reaching the eye stimulates the photoreceptors in the retina where the stimulus is converted into electrical signals that are processed in the brain.


Each of our colors selected have been researched to create the response desired from the hue, delivering the highly specialized healthful timed combinations at our center to calm and focus our clients.


The effectiveness of Color Light Therapy (assimilating sunlight) for our physical, mental, and emotional health is scientifically documented research. Our bodies are composed largely of fifteen chemical elements, and these same elements are also found in the material that make up the sun. The five different colors in full spectrum light are used according to the need of the individual.


Indirectly or directly our growth, development, and behavior depend upon light energy. Several Color Light Therapy methods are used at our Center. The particular method and color, or colors used are selected by the practitioner, according to the diagnosis of the referring physician or health professional. These are safe methods without harmful rays.


When our physical, mental, or emotional health is out of balance, exposure to specific colors and the duration of the exposure, can help restore balance, strengthen the immune system, and allow the natural healing process to occur.


When we are ill, our body can be deficient in one or more of the color frequencies, that emanate from our body. Positive physiological and psychological benefits can be generated, by diffusing light, and allowing a specific color to enter into our eyes.


Additionally, our integrated technique has been employed with success for Autism, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which in the past was related to the winter season. In the present computer age, and phobia of the Sun and Ozone layer, we can have a depressed syndrome all year round. Everyone can benefit from this stress reliever and balancer.


We know light and health is one of the fastest growing areas of research in lighting today as a result of these proprietary results documented and presented as intellectual property.


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