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Most Improved 2018


Jen Scott will be reading for her son "Landyn Sampa"


We have been coming to PVHC to see Dr. Davis for nearly a year and a half now. Where Landyn receives sound and light therapy as well as nutritional counseling. Dr. Davis and the staff at PVHC have given me my son back. Last year around Easter 2016 we couldnt figure out what was wrong with Landyn. First a viral infection and told to wait it out. Then another viral infection and told to yet again wait it out.

My baby, my little boy, wasnt getting any better. Fever and lethargic on a daily basis. He could barely open his eyes long enough to take sips of water. This went on for a month. Finally blood work was ordered. And the days that passed waiting for a call with results seemed like it would never come. Acute Leukaemia was the diagnosis. What? No, this couldnt be. My life seemed to be falling apart all while falling into place.


Let me explain. You see my faith grew stronger than ever and I knew not to ask the question why me? Why Landyn? Why us? A friend recommended taking Landyn to see Dr. Davis. The call had already been made and he was seen the next day. Immediate action was needed. April 5th 2016 was our first visit and the last time I had to carry my tired almost lifeless child through the doors at PVHC. At first it was all overwhelming trying to understand how all of this works and not to mention struggle to get time off from work for weekly visits and the biggest challenge of all, getting Landyn to eat the foods Dr. Davis recommended, foods required for his healing. As he slowly improved and our understanding greater and greater, appointments moved to every 2-3 weeks and now every 4-5 weeks.


Dr. Davis' hands on approach allows Landyn and myself to ask questions, use the pointer to pin point on the screen exactly where our quesitons are (that's the fun part for Landyn he likes the green hand on a stick). And leave each session with a better understanding of gis emotional and physical state.


Remember how i mentioned i had to carry my son into the center. Dr. Davis and her years of knowledge, dedication and support allow Landyn to be a healthy, thriving, soccer, football and basketball playing young man. I am forever grateful for Dr. Davis and her staff for their knowledge and dedication to saving my son's life!!!!!!




The School Letter: Honored Eliza Thomas

February Asset: Interpersonal Competance

Eliza is Tamanend's Honoree for interpersonal competence. She always goes out of her way to make sure others are okay. Known as “Joyful Eliza,” she loves including everyone and making others happy. I will text you the Newsletter sent by Deepa who just returned with her family from Disney. It was a good trip.




A Mother’s inspiring testimonial about PVHC & Dr. Davis at 2012 PVHC Wine Festival





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Found the PVHC through a news paper article and thought it could not hurt to try it, as dual diagnosis son was on medication but still needed more. The diagnosis of ADHD and Aspergers make him socially awkward and the medication while able to help with the concentration does not help with the social issues or anxiety.

Since starting sound and light therapy at the center and also changing some dietary items under the instruction of Dr. Davis, our son has become much more centered and more willing to enter new social settings. This is a major milestone for us as he is now actively seeking out friends and while maybe not as gregarious as a normal 11 year old boy, he has come a long way for him. What makes this type of treatment and the associated progress so critical is that there is no outward appearance indicating the condition. People around us see this child acting strangely and think he is an over privileged under disciplined child, and that is far from the truth. The treatment has helped with all this and has far exceeded our expectations.

We have and will continue to recommend the center to everyone we know in the hopes that some of the “magic” we have experienced can be shared and thus make others lives easier.




Desperate With No Where to Go


Life was as wonderful as could be . . .
Enjoying everything a far as I could see.


Hiking through the beautiful woods & trails . . .
Feeling the peace that God unveils.


Without warning the horror was to begin . . .
Not knowing life would change from here on in.


From losing motion in my hand to feeling pain of all kind . . .
Ill for months on end - doctor saying: its in my mind.


Losing so much weight to 92 lbs . . .
I struggled to keep myself alive, without bounds.


So desperate and depressed, I wanted my life to end . . .
Terrified - as no medical professional had time to spend.


Through word of mouth, friend of a friend . . .
I heard of Christina right around the bend.


With hesitation, my mother took me to Christina for final help . . .
I was unsure of her methods but gave a try for myself.


After talking with her at length . . .
I felt relief, knowing I finally found strength.


I left Christina's office with a smile . . .
Something I didn't have for a long while.


Christina and her staff are so caring . . .
I found my Angel in her and thank God she's sharing.


My true story,
Kathleen Garber
Mohrsville, PA
Written 11/17/07


“Christina found that I have ‘Epstein Bar Virus’ and has treated me for that. I feel great today and am so grateful for her help.”



Dr. Davis and the staff of PVHC are some of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of working with. They are child/family focused and their true payment is when they give the people who come to the center a healing. Dr. Davis's only concern is for improvement of health and well being of the child and the caretakers in their lives. I recommend the center to any person who is effected by autism or cares for someone on the spectrum. Dr. Davis knows that the only way a child can reach their full potential is to be cared for by a person who is also well cared for.

Andrea A.



Dear Dr. Davis,


My Husband and I are looking forward to working with you and the center. After meeting with you, we believe the treatment plans you have set up for our son will allow us to get around some of the hurdles that face him, that do not face the typical child. We believe that with these hurdles removed he will move forward with his assimilation into the mainstream.


Over the years our search for doctors who specialize in ADHD / Aspergers in children was a time consuming and expensive endeavor, gleaning mediocre results. We are overjoyed to finally find specialists who are willing to devote there personal time and expertise in helping children with special needs.


We sincerely hope that the center will continue to receive funding from generous benefactors in order to assist parents. With the cost to assist a child with special needs, sometimes the budgets of typical families find them stretched and unable to continue the pursuit of the appropriate help.


Our hope is that one day our child will be able to achieve the goals he sets for himself and with your program, we feel that a large piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.


Thank you so much!


Leticia and Richard



God has given me many gifts and one of the best ones was when He gave me the gift of both of you (Christina & Tony) being in my life to help me survive with your precious gift of healings during my time in Pennsylvania. I really appreciate what you both have done for me.

May God Bless you and your family.



We commemorate your positive + enlightening + ongoing influence in our lives. The love, light + lessons + healing energy will always be with us. We remain grateful and full of appreciation and love.




Dear Christina,

Words cannot express all the LOVE, appreciation and thanks that I feel for your Loving CARE and CONCERN that you have always shown to me.




Thanks so much for helping me yesterday. I could feel something lift off of me about 15 minutes after I talked to you. When I got off the phone with you I called the health food store and ordered everything you told me and Bob picked it up on the way home from work. I have been doing everything you told me and I started to pass a lot of urine within a half hour after starting. I am still flushing and I think my fever broke in the middle of the night last night. I woke up soaked and I am cool this morning. I am also able to get toast down. I feel better this morning but I am weak. I will keep you posted by email and thanks so much again. You and Tony are in my prayers as always.




Dear Christina and Donnamarie,

I just want to thank both of you for your commitment to the work you both do. I am so inspired by meeting the two of you.

In Gratitude & Love,



Dear Chris,

Thank you for helping me with Michael.






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