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Former crime lab in Middletown being turned into unique kind of cafe


By Chris English


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Assisting Kids with Autism


By Emily Scheivert


Listen to learn more about Peace Valley Holistic Center with Donna Marie Davis:



Nonprofit Plans New Cafe & Mentor-Work Program In Levittown


By Tom Sofield


Read more about the New Cafe & Mentor -Work Program



Helping Children Holistically


By Bob Waite


Read more about Helping Children Holistically



Autism and NLP


NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming

Research of Dr. C. Davis


This method of re-educating the brain in responding without anxiety was developed by G. Grindler and R Bandler, using Milton H. Erickson MD’s model, who was one of the widely acknowledged clinically successful psychiatrists of our time.


The components involve linguistic combinations of direct eye contact and repetitive selected words modulated in different sentence structures as needed by the individual, to enable them to respond favorably to others in their immediate circle and in the mainstream.


An epistemology addresses specific levels of brain reception to help development of behavioral competence and flexibility.


It is well known that people with Autism experience crucial problems in thinking and communicating using linguistic structures.


This program has been tested in an educational institution with promising results using a computer module based on NLP principles. However, we find that by using the human voice and direct eye contact, with a calming approach the NLP has a greater affect on the individual.


After treatment you can see the results through the individual’s ability to take directives, and the ability to understand what someone is communicating to them, as well as the individual’s ability to respond in kind.


— February, 2011, PVHC




Patient Money


Dealing With the Financial Burden of Autism

By Walecia Konrad


When Jeff Sell’s twin sons were found to have autism 13 years ago, he, like so many other parents in the same situation, found himself with a million questions: Will my children be able to function? What are the best treatments and where do I find them? How will this affect the rest of my family?


And besides those monumental worries, Mr. Sell kept asking himself another fundamental question as he began the long string of doctor and therapist visits with his sons: “How in the world am I going to pay for all this?”


Autism trends, treatments and therapies routinely make headlines. Often overlooked, though, is the financial burden for many families with autistic children.

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