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Volunteer Services


There are many ways to help us - donate your time by volunteering at the center.


If you or anyone you know is retired, or not retired, and is able to donate their time to our Center please contact our volunteer coordinator @ 215-887-9901 for more information.



    Positions we need to be filled are:

  1. Receptionists — afternoons from 1 to 4 PM, Thu. - Sat, with availability for evenings 6 - 8 PM
  2. Data Processor — recording surveys, information, research, client files.
  3. Fundraiser Assistant — preferably someone with experience in delegation and organizing.
  4. Bookkeeper | CPA — Duties would be monthly trial balance, journals and Quarterly reports.
  5. Snow Removal Service
  6. Cleaning Service
  7. Marketing & Advertising — assist in publishing and distribution of PVHC advertisments, information, etc.
  8. Copywriter — Help with Articles for Blog, Social Media, Newsletter, etc.
  9. Behavioral Analyst
  10. Behavioral Therapist
    Fund Raising

Please contact our volunteer coordinator @ 215-887-9901 for more information.




  • House Keeping Projects

    • Clean and organize children’s toys, books and games around the house
    • Clean and Pick up and straighten up rooms
    • Clean light fixtures
    • Clean TV screens
    • Clean ceiling fans
    • Clean windows
    • Clean patio doors
    • Dust and clean furniture
    • Dust baseboards
    • Dust and remove cobwebs
    • Dust mini blinds
    • Dust sills, ledges and wall hangings
    • Empty waste baskets
    • Make beds
    • Sweep and mop floors
    • Vacuum carpets
  • Bathrooms

    • Clean and disinfect toilets, tub and showers
    • Clean mirrors
    • Sweep and mop floors
  • Kitchen

    • Clean and sanitize sinks
    • Wipe down countertops and cabinets
    • Clean appliances
    • Sweep and mop floors
    • Clean refrigerator
  • Yard Projects

    • Weeding, Multching, Yard Cleanup

Please contact our volunteer coordinator @ 215-887-9901 for more information.


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Need Help? Call...
1-215-887-9901   or fax 1-215-675-5836
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