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Peace Valley Holistic Center Classes offered as part of the Complementary Component & Advocacy Component

  • Classes are predicated on interest/enrollment, with a minimum of 6 people.
  • Once 6 people have enrolled, a date will be scheduled for that particular class.
  • The maximum allotted for each class is 15 people.
Getting Started Basic advocacy tips for your child’s education and an overview of the "The Right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education"

  Getting an Education Evaluation for your Child Learning how the initial evaluation process is started, what is a “child find” duty, timelines, who is the evaluation team, what do they evaluate, and what happens when the results are compiled.

Diet & Nutrition
  The Autism Diet, It’s Not Just Gluten Free Teaching parents how to make the right choices for each individual child with a special emphasis on Quality not quantity. Implementing the proper supplementation for the body to function optimally.

  Detox with Discipline Defend yourself against headaches, allergies, indigestion, the flu, stress, impurities of air, water and toxic foods.

  Supplements that Absorb, You are What You Absorb We can't control all of our problems nutritionally, but we can control what we put into our bodies.  Learn what is absorbable, and what empty calories are.

  Acupressure Learning the trigger points that work to change behavior

  Brushing Up, A Method of Rebalancing the Nervous System Living with Autism and other challenges affect our emotions and nervous system. With a combination of dynamic imaging and visual aid, we can rebalance our nervous system. People who believe in visual stress claim it can cause behavioral problems, this can be an antidote.

  NLP Retrain, reframe the thinking process

  Stress Management After studying mothers of children with autism, and their stress levels, we have developed a stress-reduction technique during which parents can release the triggers, and reframe their thinking and reactions to the causation.

  What is Light Therapy? Teaches you the benefits of Light Therapy and How to maintain progress

  What is Sound Therapy? Teaches you the benefits of Sound Therapy and importance of Continual Home Reinforcement

  Yoga It is now generally acknowledged that autism is caused by biological factors, but unlike other disorders, autism is defined not by its cause, but by its symptoms.

We have found that a form of yoga increases overall health and facilitates the development of body awareness and concentration. By establishing optimal physiological and psychological integrity, this therapy helps children and parents to gain communication and social skills. The end result is an overall improvement in their quality of life.
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If you are interested in a class, please email your contact information and the class you are interested in to:
or call 215-887-9901
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