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PVHC Expansion Mentor-Work Program for Bucks County Special Needs Youths


Project Narrative


PVHC is Partnering with Bucks County to rehab a second County property, obtained for lease for a new mentor/work program. This work program will target the under-served at-risk Special Needs/ADHD population, in Bucks County. We will focus on youths between the ages of 16-26, so that they smoothly transition into the community & focus on being positive self sustaining individuals. This program will take place in a cozy cafe in Middletown Township, & will serve 2-5 individuals at a time.


The goal of mentoring, empowering, and supporting this talented, bright, often forgotten population through learning character development, setting goals & follow through-with a reward system, learning interpersonal communications, coping skills, & other life/vocational skills will be done by learning how to work the back of the house, front of the house, in an espresso/ice-cream cafe.


Youths/young adults will come from BCCC & MBIT culinary programs, & Bucks County agencies/Nonprofits.


We will also be encouraging our youths to express/showcase their artistic talents through hanging their artwork, playing music, & more.


Community Benefits


This program will lessen Youths/ Young adults coping through self-medicating, dropping out of school, juvenile delinquency, prison, and suicide by mentoring, and helping to create self respect, empowerment, focus, and building a commitment to stay on track, and achieve on-going success in life.


According to NAMI significantly more males diagnosed with ADHD in childhood have been arrested, convicted and incarcerated than their peers with no diagnosis. Youth detained in juvenile facilities are more likely to engage in substance abuse and to live with ADHD or disruptive behavior disorders than any other combination.


Thirty two percent of students living with ADHD drop out of high school compared to 15 percent of teens with no mental health diagnosis. Youth living with ADHD have the onset of substance use disorder, at younger ages and at higher rates than their same gender peers.


The program will last from two semesters to two years-depending on need. Once through the mentor/work program, we will create a well needed support network through social media, with other work program alumni, area Chefs from, ACF, BCCC, and MBIT. Through this legacy network, we will try also seek job placement with Employers such as Star Bucks (who has already written a letter of support for this Program, as has BCCC, & MBIT.)


Organization History


PVHC helps autistic & all special needs children/youth maximize their potential, & integrate into mainstream society. We also place a special emphasis on empowering the whole family, alleviate stress, & develop coping skills. Dr. Davis, a Naturopath physician/researcher/instructor discovered that delivering certain holistic therapies to special needs children/youth, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) produced positive behavioral outcomes. Wanting to help as many children/youth as possible she founded PVHC. With volunteers and the donation of nearly $50,000 in labor and materials, she rehabilitated a dilapidated 243-year-old farmhouse in Chalfont, PA, to create a peaceful holistic therapy center. Our Center has a three-pronged approach:


  • We educate families in coping skills, stress management and natural food diets and provide holistic therapies like Audio/Sound Therapy, Color Light Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for children/youth with special needs.
  • We deliver complementary care to the families of these children, including therapeutic massage, stress management, relaxation methodology, Audio Therapy, NLP, & QiGong (needleless acupuncture) to alleviate stress.
  • Our education law attorney counsels and educates parents of special needs children about their child’s legal right to an appropriate education.

Capital Improvement Rehab


The County has determined that the building is in need of $100,000. in rehabilitation. It is in need of a new heating/cooling system, plumbing, carpentry work, dry wall, flooring, counters, lighting, equipment, furniture, and paint. It is a cinder block constructed, brick faced structure.



Wish List


View Our Wish List



Sponsor List


  • Mr. and Mrs. Buz Harris
  • Gardner Fox & Associates
  • Mr. and Mrs. Watson and Family
  • Foundations Community Partnership
  • County of Bucks
  • Corporate Executive Chef Carmen Borgia
  • Mr. Howard Lichtenstein
  • Mr. Matt Kelly
  • Ernest Bock & Sons Inc, Tom Bock
  • DPE Plumbing, Dave Ellinger
  • Enerplex Mechanical, Tom Hughes
  • QPI Electric
  • Laborers Union #332
  • John McCarty
  • John & Cherrie Stroebel
  • John Urban
  • Noel Crespo
  • Concrete Cutting Systems, Inc., & President, David J. Nevrotski
  • The Wawa Foundation
  • Renewal by Andersen
  • VIV Brothers Company
  • Labov Plumbing
  • Victor Cruise
  • Ferry Fence, Jim Ferry
  • SE2 Engineers
  • Jay Rosen
  • Retirees of Ernest Bock & Sons
  • Greenwich Glass
  • Burt Dameika
  • CTS & Joe DeVito
  • Sherri Cook
  • KR Capaldi, Inc.
  • John Lemly, Dave Bobst, Jimmy Amato, & Robert Fred




View the progress of the new facility.



Letters of Suport


View the Letters of Support we have received.



Article from Bucks County Magazine


Ready more about the Cafe Program.


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